Toward a Better Internet


Toward a Better Internet

Could a civic-minded digital media emerge as a counterweight to the current platform-dominated internet, where algorithms help spread mis- and disinformation, echo chambers cabin our online interactions, and tech giants dominate over a wide range of economic and expressive activities? 

This blog channel explores the possibility of building a better internet, one that facilitates public discourse, respects individual privacy, and fosters democratic processes. 

Blog series

Deep Dive

Rereading the First Amendment

Exposing the false assumptions that underlie contemporary First Amendment debates

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Essays and Scholarship

Privacy, Autonomy, and the Dissolution of Markets

Pathways from platform capitalism

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Advocacy Project

Knight Institute, Scholars Advise SEC That Proposed Climate Rules Do Not Raise First Amendment Concerns

Leading First Amendment scholars sign onto Knight Institute letter addressing constitutionality of new rules

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Amicus Brief

NetChoice, LLC v. Paxton

Fifth Circuit case challenging new laws regulating social media platforms

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